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Date: 2009-03-17 01:43
Subject: ART!!!
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Tags:art, let it rain, yr::2009

[info]mystkyten did art for Let it Rain and its wonderful!!

it's just how I pictured it when I was writing!!

Her home page... is http://www.mystkyten.net/

and the page for the art is http://www.mystkyten.net/LetItRain.html

go and look!!

Share the love!!

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Date: 2009-03-15 23:30
Subject: Fic:: Let it Rain, Complete, Harry Potter
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Music:Let it Rain ~ Mark Chesnutt
Tags:birthday fic, fanfiction, harry potter, harry/severus, let it rain, severus sighs, yr::2009

Title: Let it Rain
Author: [info]calanor
Rating: NR
Word count: 727
Warnings: None
Prompt:  2.. Harry and Severus arguing
Summary: Let it rain. Let it cleanse our souls. 

Disclaimer:: JK Rowling owns the rights to Harry Potter. Lemon drop? 
A/N: For [info]atypicalsnowman. I hope it you like. I know its a few hours late... but being sick still doesn't help with the muse.. Betaed and tweaked by [info]accio_kilt Written to the song, Let it Rain by Mark Chesnutt. 

Let it Rain

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